John H. Voss, Au.D.

Owner & Doctor of Audiology

I am committed to helping people hear because as a teenager I worked at a summer camp where I experienced firsthand the surprising and incredible difficulties faced by people with hearing loss. How they weren’t able to participate easily in many of the things the other campers were able to do. How they missed out because other people couldn’t or wouldn’t take the extra time and effort to communicate with them. I saw how people with hearing loss were missing out on important parts of their life.

I was motivated to do something about it. My attention to helping those with hearing loss is what set me on the path to become an Audiologist. My first professional experience was following the Vietnam War while in the US Army I met and was able to help soldiers with their hearing loss, something many still cope with today.

I believe that the best patient care comes from a well trained individual who will listen to the concerns and needs of each person who seeks my help. This person must operate in an independent local manner catering to the hearing health care needs of the local population as opposed to outside investor interests. After the war I joined a Duluth medical clinic as an Audiologist, but the needs of those with hearing loss weren’t the passion of the clinic in the same way they were my passion. Therefore as soon as I was able I started Hearing Associates. Hearing Associates exists to allow the Audiologist to freely choose and direct the treatment plan for each individual person with a hearing loss.

Keeping well connected professionally enables me to know what the newest, best, most cost effective, and patient friendly, options are. In addition I believe professional organizations are important for the growth of the profession and a way for me to improve my skills in caring for the patient. For that reason, I belong to the Minnesota Academy of Audiology and have served as a board member. Membership is also maintained in the American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.

Educationally, a B.S. degree was earned from Minnesota State University – Mankato a long time ago. In 1979 I went back to school at the University of Minnesota – Duluth to earn a M.Ed. degree in Audiology. At that time I figured I was done with my formal education but life had other ideas. In 2001 I completed the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree from Pennsylvania College of Optometry – School of Audiology (now Salus University).

In my non-work time I enjoy being with my grandchildren (and kids, too), traveling, golfing, biking, and hiking. I also enjoy involvement in my church and other volunteer organizations that help the local community. In January, 2009 I went to Mississippi to help families ‘still’ rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. My personal dream is to buy a motorcycle and travel a good part of Route 66 before it disappears.